Session Three



The case … finally



As the dwarves left Herreman’s Barracks heading toward the gate that represented their exit from the city of Gate pass, an apparrent riot broke out in the street s up ahead. Heading the warning of Herreman’s Lieutenant, the dwarves stayed near the small gear cart that contained thewir armor and weapons. Without warning, from a nearby shop came a crash, a scream, and an array of lights from a door window.

The dwarves quickly grabbed their weapons (but not their armour) and headed to the shop.

Inside, they were attacked by a snake, some highwaymen, two human mages and … the halfling wizard known to Torrent as Feris.

After taking some quick damage, the dwarves quickly turned the tide of the battle. When his force was near defeat, Feris appealed once more to “be left to his own business of defending the city”. Through quick negotiation, The heroes let Feris leave, located the shop keeper, and were on their way.



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