Session Two

After taking an over night rest at the safe house (a Temple to a god of healing in the Order of the Aquiline Heart) our heroes awoke to meet again with the temple leader, Buron.

Buron had used a ritual to resize a set of armor for the heroes, and also provided them two additional protective items in recognition of their deeds in support of the efforts of the Resistance.

Torrent had been assigned to stake out Gabals School of Magic, and see if she could garner any information about Shealis, the Eladrin Wizard who was implicated somehow in the theft of the intelligence case the night before.

Unfortunately, an imminent terroist threat has been discovered by a member of the local Resistance, and the party is urged to attend to that threat in a secret warehouse instead of assisting Torrent at Gabals. The dwarves choose to allow Torrent her recon mission, and they head to the warehouse, slightly fearful of what creature the terrorist have that “darts form the shadows and attacks with the speed of a cat”.

The Dwarves loacte the warehouse, case the joint, and attempt a stealthy entrance. Unfortunately, the terrorists are generally aware of their infiltration, and battle quickly breaks out. The dwarves quickly gain the upper hand in the fight, which appears to be against a few guards and thugs in the front of the warehouse building. The tide turns in favor of the terrorist cell, however, as a Mage and a Pseudodragon join the fray.

Branzen goes down in battle, and his compatriots drag his listless body in to an office, attempting to barracade the door while they bring him back to consciousness. During a period of indecision, the terrorist attempt to draw the dwarves back in to the warehouse by circling outside and entering the outside door to the office in which the dwarves sought refuge.

The terrorist guards are defeated, but the Mage and pseudo dragon prove to much to handle, and the dwarves temporarily retreat for a short rest. The return to the warehouse as quickly as possible, and find the Mage and pseudodragon attempting an escape with a chest of treasure. The battle turns in favor of the dwarves (after a short sidetrip down a pit trap) and the mage and pseudodragon are ultimately dispatched. The heroes find some gold as well as a few letters marked with an “M” which vaguely describe orders given to the terrorists to create chaos and diversion around councilman Menash’s home. The implication is that another cell is to kidnap or perhaps kill Menash.

The dwarves return to the safe house, only to find a frantic Buron asking them to head to the crypt below to stave off “The dead brought back to life”. Several Dwarven Skelton and an Dwarven Wight have been awakend from their sarcophogi by the recent bombings and attacks. The Dwarves again join the fray, with Branzen running to the front and quickly being severely injured. Fortunately, in perfect time, Korek unleashes a giant spell that mows down 4 Dwarven Skeleton Archers and injures a Boneshard.

Through careful attacks the Dwarves eventually slay the undead, and discover some treasure in the crypt, including a Magic Mordenkrad and a magical dwarven throwing axe.

As the heroes leave the crypt to re-enter the main floor of the safe house, they find ……..



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